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Free Range Lawyers is a collective of people who believe in the power of distributed and remote working to make lives and businesses better.

We connect freelance lawyers who work outside the office with legal service providers looking to flex their resource.

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We harness the benefit of distributed working by:

law companies with freelance lawyers who want to work away from the office

to organisations on ways to maximise value from remote and distributed work

what matters through a serious commitment to transforming the way lawyers and law companies work.

We help legal service providers work moreproductively and lawyers livemore purposefully.

Find out more about each step on the way toconnecting a Free Range Lawyer with anassignment at a law firm.

Our focused, evidence-based selection process ensures that our Free Range Lawyers not only have excellent legal skills but have the professional values and temperament suited to working on an untethered, self-employed basis.

When a law firm needs additional resource, we act quickly to find a match if we can, while ensuring we thoroughly understand their needs.

Our involvement doesn’t end there. We’re more than a matching service. We’re here every step of the way to make sure that our remote assignments work for everyone involved.

Free Range working benefits lawyers, law companies and those around them.

Find out more about the people behind Free Range Lawyers.

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We're always discussing, debating and experimenting and we'd love to share this with you.

4 possible futures for the employer-employee relationship

While the relationship between businesses and their staff members in the legal profession might be driven by purpose at this point in time, the future “may look very different”.

Free Range Thinking… Corporatizing holidays: the beginning of the end?

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of those people on the planet for whom the concept of ‘holiday’ exists, don’t go ruining it by using work to justify your rest.

Free Range Thinking… It’s about the little things

It was about being intentional when it came to the small, as well as the big, things in life.


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Motivation + crisis + remote working = heady cocktail. Katherine Thomas takes a look at how motivation theory intersects with evidence re remote work effectiveness, to suggest what leaders might do to support their colleagues' motivation in current circs.

"...bestselling author Daniel Pink argues humans are motivated by autonomy: the ability to direct their own lives. Free-range humans produce better eggs."

Well worth a listen and not just cos they had Free Range Lawyers as first guest! Great interviewers who are not afraid to engage on the thorny subjects. Plus their podcasts are short and easily digestible.

"Offices seem so 20th century now". RoF survey suggests 75% of respondents was g to wfh at least 3 days pw. LawyerFreeRange photo

The last of this week's blogs: Lifts. On collecting data and stories now to inform the future. LawyerFreeRange photo

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