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Cultivating What Matters.

Free Range Lawyers is a collective of people who believe in the power of distributed and remote working to make lives and businesses better.

We connect freelance lawyers who work outside the office with law companies looking to flex their resource.

We harness the benefit of distributed working by:

law companies with freelance lawyers who want to work away from the office

to organisations on ways to maximise value from remote and distributed work

what matters through a serious commitment to transforming the way lawyers and law companies work.

We help law companies work more productively and lawyers live more purposefully.

Find out more about each step on the way to connecting a Free Range Lawyer with an assignment at a law company.

Our focused, evidence-based selection process ensures that our Free Range Lawyers not only have excellent legal skills but have the professional values and temperament suited to working on an untethered, self-employed basis.

When a law company needs additional resource, we act quickly to find a match if we can, while ensuring we thoroughly understand their needs.

Our involvement doesn’t end there. We’re more than a matching service. We’re here every step of the way to make sure that our remote assignments work for everyone involved.

Free Range working benefits lawyers, law companies and those around them.

Find out more about the people behind Free Range Lawyers.

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We're always discussing, debating and experimenting and we'd love to share this with you.

“Grown-up innovation for grown-up law firms”.

So you want to be innovative? But where should you start? In the first of a two-part series, Katherine Thomas looks at what innovation is, why it matters, and how to do it effectively.

“Tomorrow never comes” and neither does the “law firm of the future”.

So smart law firms have created the future….today. Here’s how. Five things law firms of the future are doing today

What is metacommunication and why does it matter?

What I said isn't what I meant…

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Christmas is! And while it should be a time for R&R, for some, the work won't stop. So if your legal practice needs help with holiday cover, talk to Free Range Lawyers. LawyerFreeRange photo

Today we took a break from Free-Ranging to catch up over high tea. Christmas-partying, Free Range Style. 🥳 @ Chinta Cafe

It's not enough to be has to be good! Surveys tell us that using contract lawyers is one of the most effective ways to improve law firm performance.

Enjoyed spreading the Free Range word to around 90 UK law firms this week with a keynote at the Law Society conference. Had to take this pic of the room before it filled-up. How beautiful! @ Chancery Lane

Fantastic that that it's not just me but other speakers at #LMSFB19 - from @HawkeLegal to Patricia Kinahan of @Hazlewoods to David Pester @TLTLLP emphasising the importance of variable costs to future firm viability. #scaleup #contractlawyers #freerangelawyers

Wonderful to hear @HawkeLegal talking about the importance of establishing the true cost of an employed lawyer at #LMSFB19. Yes!!! LawyerFreeRange photo

Loving what you've learned so far?