Through our collective of carefully vetted lawyers, we provide law firms with a range of solutions that improve productivity and drive growth in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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Scale - up

You’re in the fortunate position of having more work than your team can handle. It makes no sense to turn down new instructions, but by accepting them, you risk producing sub-standard results as well as jeopardising the well-being of your team. You’re not sure whether the workflow justifies employing additional permanent staff and so are stuck in a rut: without the right resources you can’t accept and complete new work, but by hiring new people, you risk incurring fixed costs that may not be matched by future demand.

Free Range Lawyers is the solution.

Our clients use Free Range Lawyers to respond quickly to growth opportunities without the risk and investment that comes with increasing permanent headcount.

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Skills injection

As a small or specialist practice, clients come to you because you focus on what you do best. Yet there are times when matters require skills that sit outside your specialist area. You don’t want to grow for growth’s sake, yet you know you will lose work unless you can offer certain types of expertise as and when they’re required.

Free Range Lawyers helps by providing access to specialist skills client work demands it. Within our collective, we have lawyers with expertise ranging from financial services, advertising and IP to agricultural law, government and telecoms. Our law firm clients benefit from an injection of these skills just when they’re needed, without incurring costs when they’re not.

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Your solution

You already have a solution in mind, and you think Free Range Lawyers Collective could help - contact us for a discussion.

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Consider it done

Every company has a list of projects they should complete that are important, but not urgent.

Whether it’s precedent management, document automation, or a refresh of policies and procedures, these jobs sit on the 'to-do' list but are unaddressed as the realities of fee-earning takes precedence.

This is where Free Range Lawyers helps.

Our lawyers are experienced in improvement projects and well as advisory work. They focus on the task in hand to get the project over the line. In doing so, they free-up your current staff to focus on income-generating work. So, the important gets done, but not at the expense of the urgent.

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Progressive practice

You’re part of a law practice that works differently. You’re designing a firm that’s unencumbered by traditional structures. Perhaps you’re paperless? Maybe you automate your service delivery?

Perhaps you work virtually, without an office? As a practitioner thinking in this way, it’s likely that you also want to resource in an agile way, by matching variable demand with variable resourcing.

Free Range Lawyers is your partner progressive practice.

We established Free Range Lawyers specifically to help progressive law firms operate a ‘core-plus’ approach to resourcing that combines a core of employed staff with a ‘plus’ of contract resource. By partnering with Free Range Lawyers, our clients scale up and down as demand requires, only incurring costs when they are earning fees.

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Role relief

One of your lawyers is taking an extended period of absence. Perhaps it’s maternity leave, long service leave or a client secondment. Whatever the reason, you have a staffing gap that needs to be filled. Sometimes you know these events are due and can plan for them. At other times, life throws a curveball and you find yourself facing an unplanned and unexpected gap that needs to be filled.

For planned and unplanned absences, Free Range Lawyers can help.

Our lawyers work within your business on a regular basis to fill gaps in your team. Team absences cause enough drama, so we don’t add to that. Instead, we slot-in smoothly to keep your business running effectively.

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