We connect lawyers working remotely with law firms looking to flex their resource.

How do we help legal service providers?

We help law firms resource their work more effectively and profitably by temporarily accessing the skills of lawyers based across the globe. For law firms based in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, we offer:

  • access to high quality legal skills on a flexible, variable-cost basis
  • services provided via assignments that lawyers undertake remotely – away from the office
  • a practical response to changing client demands and lawyer well-being issues
  • a role in changing work for the better.

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How do we help lawyers

  • access to high quality, domestic and international work without the travel or commute
  • for those becoming self-employed for the first time, a source of work while you build your own client base
  • for established self-employed lawyers, a new and different income stream
  • the flexibility to take control of your day
  • community, support and mentorship
  • the opportunity to be part of a collective that’s changing work for the better.

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