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The freedom and future of independent legal workers

Katherine Thomas is the CEO of Free Range Lawyers, a collective of people who believe in the power of distributed and remote working to make lives and businesses better. The business connects freelance lawyers who work outside the office with legal service providers looking to flex their resource.

4 possible futures for the employer-employee relationship

While the relationship between businesses and their staff members in the legal profession might be driven by purpose at this point in time, the future “may look very different”.

Free Range Thinking… Corporatizing holidays: the beginning of the end?

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of those people on the planet for whom the concept of ‘holiday’ exists, don’t go ruining it by using work to justify your rest.

Free Range Thinking… It’s about the little things

It was about being intentional when it came to the small, as well as the big, things in life.

CLI Innovation Incubator Program 2021/2022

It's great to give back to the legal community that welcomed me when I moved to AU 5 years ago and continues to be an immense source of support, stimulation, and friendship.

Why Should Law Firms Shift to a Collaborative Business Strategy?

The digital age is gifting the services industry with new and unexpected ways to collaborate. Platforms like Uber and Airbnb are letting individuals partner with businesses to create a “gig” economy that is shaking up entire sectors

A Counterfactual? Manifesto for in-office work

The future of work is being disrupted. It's 2029 and it's time to look at how we work differently. Changing times call for changing work practices.

People Working Differently: Remote and flexible working…forever!

In this session, Emma Heuston, Founder & Principal Lawyer, The Remote Expert and Katherine Thomas, CEO, Free Range Lawyers, will discuss how and why people are now, and will continue to work, differently. They’ll also share their experience on turning today’s best practices into next practices, for the benefit of your people, your clients and your organisation.