Fresh expressions have a habit of emerging from new developments. So it is with Free Range Lawyers. We've developed our own 'Free Range Lexicon'.


A group whose participants share or are motivated by a common issue or interest, or who work together to achieve a common objective. At Free Range Lawyers, we’re more than a bunch of people earning money. We connected by our belief in the power of distributed working to make lives – and businesses - better.


Uh... not sure. What’s that?


Create or improve something by directed effort over time. Here at Free Range Lawyers, we work with determined purpose to bring the benefits of distributed working to lawyers and law companies.


Not staying or being forced to stay in one place; not physically connected or fastened to something. We’re location agnostic to our core. Our lawyers work where it suits them. To describe this, you’ll find us using the word ‘distributed’ instead of remote wherever we can. Why? Well there can be a negative vibe around ‘remote’ that implies distance and removal from reality. There’s nothing distant or removed about what we do.

Free Range Lawyer

A lawyer who works remotely through Free Range Lawyers.

Legal Service Provider

It might be easier to say ‘law firm’ but the reality is that legal services are being provided via many routes, from established partnerships through to online document providers and virtual law firms – and most of them could benefit from access to temporary skilled resource. So, we use ‘legal service provider’ to denote any organisation that provides legal services.


It’s the commonly used term to describe working away from the office but has negative connotations of distance and removal from reality. There’s nothing distant or removed about what we do, so we’d prefer ‘distributed’.


Able to be maintained or kept going, as an action or purpose. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. Working practices have to be sustainable. For humans. For families. For the environment. For communities.


This is Bailey’s invention. Early on in Free Range Lawyer days we started to sign-off our emails ‘Yours in freedom and flexibility’….and the abbreviation YIFAF stuck.