We use evidence and careful analysis to select the right people to be Free Range Lawyers and then to match them to an assignment.


Free Range Lawyer Selection

Our focused, thoughtful selection process ensures that our Free Range Lawyers not only have excellent legal skills but possess the motivation and characteristics needed to work on a remote, freelance basis.



1 Online Application

The lawyer applies to Free Range Lawyers by sending us a completed application form and CV.


3 Video Interview

We interview the applicant via video-conference. This explores the applicant's skills, motivations and talents for working in this way and the assessment results.

The applicant and Free Range Lawyers will also agree a range of rates within which they will discuss assignments.


2 Assessment

The lawyer completes an online psychometric assessment.

Here, we use an assessment that specifically targets the qualities required to work in a Free Range way. The results are analysed to ensure an alignment between working freelance, remotely and their work motives and preferences.


4 Referencing

If, after the interview, we both decide we would like to work together, Free Range Lawyers takes two telephone references.


5 Onboarding

If references are successful, the lawyer joins our Free Range collective.

We have some onboarding paperwork to do at this stage, including agreeing the basis on which we will work together and verifying details of the Free Range Lawyer's corporate vehicle and right to work.


6 Pooling

Once this is done, the lawyer is now a Free Range Lawyer and is ready to be considered for assignments.


Matching Free Range Lawyer to Assignment

We believe that in this business, there is no substitute for human interaction. No algorithm or marketplace can take the role of an experienced individual who takes the time to get to know a company’s and a lawyer’s needs and develop a relationship.

So you'll find that we talk to you, rather than ask you to 'log-in’' We discuss assignments with you rather than ask you to post details online.

Here's how we work to help you get the resource you need.



1 Identify Need

When a law company approaches Free Range Lawyers with a requirement for additional resource, we act quickly to find a match if we can, while also ensuring we take the time to fully understand your needs.


2 Assessment

Once a law company has made an enquiry, Free Range Lawyers responds within 24 hours to understand the nature of the requirement.

We take the time to fully appreciate the skills required, the duration of the assignment, the outcomes needed and the budget available.

Then we assess whether we have Free Range Lawyers to fit the need.


3 Matching

We will only provide you with lawyers that we believe will be right for you. This means that as we build our Collective, there may be times we can't provide what's needed.

If this is the case, we will tell you straight away. We won't compromise on quality just to secure the work. So if we can't help, regretfully, we will say so.

If we believe we can help, we send the you a biography of the Free Range Lawyer for the law company to consider, as well as an indication of the rates that will apply.


4 Interview

If the Free Range Lawyer is of interest to you, we will arrange for you to interview them via video-conference.


5 Assignment

If, after the interview, you would like to work with the Free Range Lawyer, we will agree terms with you at the same time as agreeing terms with the lawyer.


Working on Assignment

Our involvement doesn’t end there. The level of support we provide makes us different.

You see, we're more than a matching service. We're here every step of the way to make sure that our distributed assignments work for everyone involved.

How do we do this?



1 Agreement

We liaise with the law company and the Free Range Lawyer to agree the operational details of the assignment.


2 Guidance

We work with the law company and Free Range Lawyer to ensure all practical measures are in place for a successful assignment, for example, ensuring the Free Range Lawyer has remote access to the law company's systems and clear lines of communication.


3 Progress Update

We contact the Free Range Lawyer and law company at the end of day 1 to check how things went.

We then check-in regularly with both parties to ensure that reality meets expectations.

The Free Range Lawyer completes a weekly record of the work they have done, which is signed-off as we go by the law company.


4 Invoicing

The Free Range Lawyer invoices Free Range Lawyers monthly.

Free Range Lawyers invoices the law company monthly.


5 Extend Option

As the assignment draws to a close, we will contact the law company to understand whether they would like to extend.

If both parties, we would like to extend the assignment, we complete straightforward paperwork to record this.


6 Debriefing

If the assignment is to end as planned, we ensure that both parties are clear on the arrangements for completing the assignment. Free Range Lawyers debriefs with the law company and the Free Range Lawyer.