We are a for profit and for purpose business. We cultivate what matters.

Cultivating What Matters

We're more than a bunch of people earning money (although that's important). We're a collective of lawyers and legal service providers who believe in the power of remote and distributed working to make lives and businesses better.

These '7 Cs' are our guiding principles:


We help our clients meet their commercial aims. Everything we do, from the work we deliver, to the way we deliver it, adds commercial value.


Positive human connection is our most important asset and our most prized activity.


We are interested in more than just the day-to-day. We're creating something better for the long-term. Our conversation and content adds insight, generates progress and creates change.


We see life as being the wonderful, complicated, interesting whole that it is. We celebrate and accept people for who they are.


We're Free Range not Lone Range. For us, it's about the journey we travel with others. Collaboration and co-creation is the way to advance Free Range Lawyers, the legal profession and the wider future of work.


We ask questions, seek answers and share our knowledge to encourage more organisations to participate in flexible and remote working.


We’re creating a company that allows us, and those in our Collective, to cultivate what matters.

Read more about the background to our purpose in Our Story.