We offer consulting to help law firms resource their work in a smart and scalable way.

Using a methodology rooted in service design principles, our experienced consultants advise firms in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada on adopting more flexible people strategies.  We combine our own experience with what evidence from research tells us about work design, with insights from each firms’ clients, people and strategy and values, to produce workable, sustainable solutions.

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Core-plus resourcing

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Core plus

We help law firms match costs to demand by implementing a core-plus resourcing model. Using this approach, firms resource work through a core of employed colleagues combined with a ‘plus’ of freelancers who provide additional capacity or skills when the workload demands it.


The model moves some costs from fixed to variable, allowing firms to more closely match cost of sale to demand levels, increasing agility and profitability.


Our team’s involvement in flexi-lawyering stretches back to its early days and we use this practical experience to help firms adapt their working practices to maximise the benefits of core-plus resourcing.


Remote working

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We make no secret of the fact that we’re remote work advocates.  We see it as fundamental to the future of work, alongside offices and collaborative working spaces.

No-where will remote working become more prevalent than in the classic location-agnostic knowledge profession of legal services.  Why?  Because it provides a solution to so many of our current issues.

Remote work benefits

Yet there is a dichotomy at the heart of remote working in 2020.  On the one hand, it is not such a strange concept to most of us: anyone who has ever conducted a matter over email or phone has worked remotely.  On the other hand, it's more complex than simply taking a laptop home and logging-on: working remotely regularly, or at scale, requires purposeful action to maximise effectiveness.

Our consultants go beyond the hype to apply evidence-based insights and proven approaches to help firms implement effective remote working strategies.

“….a quality, bespoke product which was both on-point and insightful.”

Ash Hill, Partner, Wynn Williams (NZ)

“On learning of Katherine’s arrival in WA, we sought her out, given her international reputation in legal outsourcing, to assist us in establishing our JacMac+ service, which was a new line of business for our firm.  Working with our senior management team, she advised on the strategy and business case and planned the implementation.  Upon launch, she worked within the firm to embed and grow the service.  My observations on Katherine’s work are that she adds value both at a strategic and at an operational level, which is very important in a project of this type.  When we worked together, I valued Katherine’s ability to see the big picture at the same time as rolling her sleeves up to get things done.  She has a firm grasp on developments in the law and wide reference points, which she applies to bringing new and creative ideas to the table.  Katherine operates with high levels of integrity and quickly develops trust and rapport with a wide range of people.”

Malcolm Shelton-Agar, Chief Executive Officer, Jackson McDonald (AU)

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