Geraldine Johns-Putra's New Earth lawyer podcast explores the 'What if?' of lawyering and legal services.

Katherine is Geraldine's final guest for this season, discussing how Free Range Lawyers has become a true collective of lawyers and law firms who want work to be better, the concept of independent lawyering, building human-centred businesses, working in a sustainable way and the thinking behind THAT NAME!

"And, it's a new way of tackling a working relationship. And it requires people to think differently about themselves, about their careers, and about their professional interactions. So flexibility is really, really critical for us, just as critical as certain elements around what we call our delivery cluster. So we're particularly interested in people that rate either medium or high on the conscientious scale. And so people that are reliable, and people that are reasonably meticulous, people that are reasonably organised, and reasonably principled, and you can see why that flows through. And because, we're placing people on assignment to undertake work in the way that a particular law firm wants that work to be done, so we want people that, aren't temperamentally suited to cutting corners."

"We're a group of people, whether we're clients or lawyers who look at work differently, and who look at undertaking legal work differently. And so our clients are very much part of that. And in fact, what becomes really interesting is, you know, now we've been going for two and a half years, is some of our lawyers have become clients. Some of our former clients have become lawyers. We see ourselves, clients and lawyers as a collective of people that are interested in looking at how we can make work more sustainable on a number of fronts. We're a collective of people who are philosophically aligned to those objectives."

Katherine Thomas, Free Range Lawyers